Ady Smith KTM Off-Road Schools

Ady Smith KTM off-road schools offers any riders the chance to try a wide range of KTM bikes and gain valuable riding tuition from one of the country’s most experienced riders – Ady Smith – multiple enduro and supermoto champion.

Both off-road try out days and enduro schools for more experienced riders are available at various locations. We also offer multiple day packages and one-to-one and small group training options.

Ady Smith KTM Off-Road Schools have been officially backed by KTM since 2003 and are the only Official KTM Enduro Schools in the UK.

The School uses brand new KTM bikes including the full range of EXC Enduro, XC – Cross Country and the KTM Freeride. On the Off-road Try-out days bikes, riding kit and fuel are all included. You can however, bring your own bike along and riding kit if you wish, as you can with the other Schools. You will need to bring your own food and refreshments on all Schools as there are no catering facilities available.


Fly & Ride

Motorcycle Transport To Europe

Ride in Spain, Portugal and Morocco the easy way…. let us crunch the motorway miles for you

Getting your motorcycle to your tour destination can be a real chore when it’s really the routes near your destination you want to ride.

So let us do the hard work for you and transport your motorcycle to an airport near your destination so that you can take the easy way there and fly!​

Fly and Ride specialise in group motorcycle transport to Europe. We transport motorcycles from our Gatwick depot overland to Malaga enabling you to fly and experience your own adventures in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

The number of routes is almost limitless so that once you have transported your bike to Malaga you have the energy ,enthusiasm and time to make the most of your trip.


Max Torque Cans MTC Exhausts

Motorbike exhausts for all performance road bikes & track bikes

Max torque cans is a manufacturer of high quality stainless steel, titanium and carbon fibre motorbike exhausts for all road bikes and superbikes. You can choose the design of your motorbike exhaust by choosing the material, shape and outlet in either race or road-legal form.


AT Squared Motorcycle Adventure Tours

Lifelong bikers looking to make a difference. We aim to provide a 5 star concierge service on a truly 'done for you service' to bikers that have always wanted to travel with their bike but life just got in the way!

Let us show you how. We also provide advanced motorcycle training in conjunction with the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)